Our inspiration

yobō is the Japanese word for prevention. We view lifestyle as our most important medicine for more energy and feeling good. For this we have been inspired by the Eastern preventive philosophy in which where each individual holds the key in their own hands. With yoboo, we want to bring together Eastern and Western insights.

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Our story

Seven years ago, one of the four founders was diagnosed with diabetes. As a passionate pharmacist, he set out to search for scientific solutions. This search brought him into contact with numerous globally recognised experts who inspired him around the power of lifestyle.

These changes had such a positive effect on his own health that it became his mission as a pharmacist to put more emphasis on lifestyle in addition to medication advice.

The yoboo community

The initial successes in pharmacies increased the ambition, to give more and more Belgians access to this approach. In April 2021, yoboo was launched with 3 other founders. A community of convinced pharmacists was created, but where there was also room for passionate doctors, physiotherapists, dietists and health coaches.

All with a different health background but with the same drive to help people to feel good.

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The power of will-being®

Adjusting your lifestyle sometimes seems simple, but it can also be very challenging. yoboo starts from your own motivation. We have called this unique philosophy 'will-being®', everyone's intrinsic desire to feel good. You decide your focus and intensity of lifestyle changes. yoboo supports you to keep your finger on the pulse in the long run.

After trying all possible remedies on my own, with no lasting results, thanks to yoboo, for the first time ever, I have control over my symptoms, even my weight!
yoboo - Kathleen

Kathleen Preso

IT Career Coach

How can we help you?

At yoboo we firmly believe that every person has to right to feel good about themselves, including you. Curious to see how we can help? Eager to adapt your lifestyle and live a more energetic life?

Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you.