Step-by-step journey

At yoboo we believe in the power of will-being: a person’s intrinsic motivation to be more energetic in life. That's why we first map your personal motivation and current lifestyle through our Willbeing Test®. As we attach great importance to personal coaching, every test is followed by an intake interview to get to know you better.

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yoboo - stap1 - Jouw intrinsieke motivatie
Step 1

Your intrinsic motivation

More than 70% of the Belgian population is eager to live a more healthy and energetic life, yet many people don't know where to start. Of course, the endless list of online opinions on lifestyle don’t help either. 

That's why yoboo takes a different approach: we consider your concrete goals and wishes. That way, we can personalize your journey with impactful insights from experts.

Step 2

Fill in the Willbeing Test®

We first map your motivational profile and current lifestyle through a short questionnaire, called the Willbeing Test®. After completing all 61 questions, you’ll be granted access to your personal dashboard. Here you’ll be able to gather new insights on the 6 yoboo pillars. 

We will continue to inspire you with personalized articles in your dashboard throughout the entire journey.

yoboo - stap2 - Je vult de yoboo leefstijl test in
yoboo - stap 3 - Jij plant een intake
Step 3

Schedule an intake interview

At yoboo, we believe in a phygital approach. This means that we do not only stress the importance of digital support, but also physical presence. That's why we always schedule a physical intake interview. 

Over the past months, we’ve built a community of pharmacists and health experts who cannot only provide you with in-depth insights, but can also help you determine which lifestyle actions you can start with.

Step 4

Get to work yourself

During the intake interview with your pharmacist, you will determine your focus pillar(s) together. Depending on your motivation and time, there’s different pillars to choose from, each one linked to different lifestyle actions. 

It's up to you to carry out these lifestyle actions to the best of your ability. Haven’t noticed any change yet? Remember that every person's progress is different. Our team is here to support you where necessary.

yoboo - stap4 - Jij gaat zelf aan de slag
I slept poorly which had me visit my pharmacist regularly for melatonin. My pharmacist then convinced me to fill out a questionnaire after which we discussed the yoboo dashboard. After sharing some insights, I started changing my lifestyle which had an immediate positive impact on my sleep and work performance.
yoboo - Jason

Jason Pettiaux


How can we help you?

At yoboo we firmly believe that every person has to right to feel good about themselves, including you. Curious to see how we can help? Eager to adapt your lifestyle and live a more energetic life?

Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you.