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At yoboo, we believe that pharmacists hold a supportive and approachable role in society. After all, providing advice on medication and products is key. Nonetheless, lifestyle advice and prevention do not get the attention they deserve, or at least only in a limited and/or unstructured way. Our job at yoboo is to help passionate pharmacists strengthen this role.

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70% of customers perceive their pharmacist as the first point of contact for healthcare.

A pharmacist's role has changed over the years. Customers put their trust in their pharmacist by sharing their concerns and asking questions. The relationship between a customer and their pharmacist is very approachable, placing the pharmacist in a prime position for lifestyle support and advice.

73% of customers feel that their pharmacist should provide guidance and advice on a healthy lifestyle.

Customers are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to their pharmacist's role. Pharmacist are perceived as healthcare providers who also share lifestyle recommendations to help achieve health targets. yoboo supports pharmacists to help them offer these services in an insightful and personalized way.

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91% of customers believe their pharmacist should grasp the latest innovations.

Customers expect pharmacists to innovate. Afterall, innovation is an essential part of any industry, yet the pharmacy industry has hardly taken advantage. Doing so would allow pharmacists to make recommendations for lifestyle adjustments in a personalized and scientific way.

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